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Beko Ecocare Washing Machine WMA1512 W Problems With Leaking?

September 9, 2010 by  
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Question by Thomas: Beko Ecocare Washing Machine WMA1512 W Problems With Leaking?
We have one of the above machines at home and are experiencing occasional problems of it profusely leaking from somewhere and it used to flood our downstairs neighbour. We got some old geezer out to look at it and basically said that we need to keep on emptying it of water from some part of it at the front right of the machine itself after every wash.

I have never heard or needed to do this at all in the past with this or any other machine we have had. Any of you good people have any ideas? This guy was from the appliance aftercare from where it was bought, the name of which escapes me for the moment! he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the machine and basically it was our fault as we were not emptying it after washes.
The machine is not full of water in the drum or fills up after the cycles, god only knows where this water comes from!!!!

Cold connection has been checked and is more than adequatly tightened.

Best answer:

Answer by hapa1
the man is an idiot the washer as to empty so that it’ll spin and so you can take the clothes out if it’s filling with water after you’ve finished washing it’s more than likely a faulty inlet value if it’s still under warranty then get them out again and ask them to send an engineer who knows what they are doing

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Having problems with Beko washing machine?

July 31, 2010 by  
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Question by ellenripley: Having problems with Beko washing machine?
It’s only 2 years old. The detergent drawer keeps pushing itself outwards in mid cycle. Water will then spill out so I have to put towels on the floor to catch it! What is causing the drawer to be forcefully pushed out like that

Best answer:

Answer by Steve C
There is nothing mechanical that can cause the drawer to come out.
The only thing I can think of is to take out the drawer and look on the bottom. Behind the front flange there should be a small plastic springy piece attached to it. This fits into the square hole in the front of your machine. When you close the drawer you should feel a slight resistance as it clicks home. If this piece is missing or broken off te drawer could come loose by machine vibration.

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Beko washing machine problems!!?

July 7, 2010 by  
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Question by Headless Chicken!!: Beko washing machine problems!!?
My Beko machine has stopped spinning! Really not got the pennies for a repairman right now so wondered if you lovely peeps could help please? It is washing, draining and doing all that stuff however its not spinning and the clothes are still sopping wet when you open the door at the end of the cycle. Even if i manually put it on a spin setting it wont do it. Please any ideas?
Cheers xx
Yes, hubby still here lounging on the sofa watching the box as usual!

Best answer:

Answer by Jules H
Your belt is either off or broken, or you may have a loose connection at the electrical site. I would call a repairman for a free estimate on how much to repair or if you can do it yourself.

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